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A self locking alarm circuit made with only analog electronics components including BJT, PUT, Relays, and Capacitors.
EasyLight is a hardware/software hack that allows users to easily control their bedroom light with their mobile devices.
ToastMeOn, one of the top 5 winners for UOfTHacks is a hardware hack that makes your toaster 'smart' by talking to it in realtime using SMS.
Taught myself the basics of PCB design and schematic capture by designing a PCB for a simple 555 IC blinker circuit.
A cup stabilizer designed to counteract user movement in order to prevent your precious beverage or chemicals from being spilled.
PIC-Arm is a Two-axis Robotic Arm that is programmed to sequentially move blocks between platforms.
PIC-Arm is a Two-axis Robotic Arm that is programmed to sequentially move blocks between platforms. Designed to play a game where the user has to move three blocks into a specific location in an allotted time frame. The arm has a timer shown by a seven-segment display in which when you run out of time the arm will sound an alarm, and reset back to its default position to start the game over.
LED Lightbulb that illuminates differently according to the sounds and music around it.
This lightbulb is not your ordinary household lightbulb. It is a lightbulb that reacts to the sounds and music around it to make the appearance that the LEDs are "dancing". The circuit in the light bulb illuminates up to ten LEDs in sequence and follows the rhythm of music or speech picked-up by the small electret microphone.
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This Colour Organ is a 3 Channel-Colour Interface that converts musical inputs to rhythmic light effects. Using a male audio jack, an electrical outlet and your computer or phone this colour organ can represent your amazing music by filtering it into three different colours and frequencies
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